About Us

Opening a company in Ukraine is not only a test for goods and services, processes and business models. The main thing is a test of the ability to make decisions in a situation with numerous unknowns. Many of them do not apply directly to business, but belong to the category of administration and taxation, interaction with employees and the state, and in accordance with local legislation.

Our business: PEO and EOR

PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a branch of business decisions related to the legal work of the company in the market of a particular country, in particular, the registration of working relations between the employer and the employee. Services of PEO contractors are usually used by foreign and local residents present in the country market in fact, regardless of legal status.

When they want to employ staff, the PEO contractor becomes a Employer of Record (EOR), taking on the issue of remuneration of their client’s employees. PEO/EOR companies also act as local experts, in particular, on administration – labor contracts, visa assistance, staff search, etc.

Cooperation with a PEO/EOR partner can be an ideal solution for the company. It focuses on business processes and management, maintaining freedom of maneuver and not being distracted by administrative issues, the burden of which is assumed by the contractor. The end result is the presence of the client company on the Ukrainian market with all the attributes and advantages: from the withdrawal of goods and trademarks to profit – the main point of successful business expansion in general.

Why Leasing Service?


Who are we?

Leasing Service is a professional employer organization (PEO) and employer of record (EOR). As a local expert, we have been implementing the highest international industry standards since 2004.

What are we doing?

We offer comprehensive solutions that allow global businesses to quickly enter and safely stay in Ukraine. Here are ten key Accelerators that define our partners:

  • PEO/EOR services;
  • outstaffing;
  • HR consulting;
  • accrual of salaries and rewards;
  • administration of salaries and remunerations;
  • outsourcing of representative offices;
  • outsourcing of contacts with fiscal and executive bodies;
  • assistance in the preparation of documents, obtaining a visa, staying in the country;
  • expertise on the requirements for the product and how to bring it to the market;
  • advising on the realities of business in Ukraine.

How do we work?

Our clients operate in Ukraine, legally in contact with other companies, contractors, employees and government agencies. Thus, in standard bilateral relations between the employer and the employee there is an intermediary – Leasing Service, and cooperation takes place between three participants:

  • a client company that needs staff;
  • an employee who provides his services to a foreign or Ukrainian client company;
  • Leasing Service, which acts as a PEO/EOR partner of both, billing the first in accordance with the agreement on the relevant services, as well as paying the salary of the second according to the employment contract.

What is the benefit for the client?

Thus, our solutions allow the client to market their products or services, test the effectiveness of the business model in real conditions, assess return, focus on business activity and optimize resources.

At the same time, a legal entity, for example, a foreign branch, may not be created. Accordingly, legal risks and financial obligations to state authorities, other companies and people are minimized.

Our expertise, accumulated since 2004, and solutions tested by Leasing Service together with customers in real conditions, allow foreign and local residents to immediately take advantage of flexible and effective PEO services. Whether your company is preparing for the next phase of expansion or just want to conduct market research, with us you can achieve goals faster and more efficiently.