Relocation of employees to Ukraine

Opening a branch of a company in Ukraine is not a problem. It is more difficult to transfer and implement on a new basis the idea, business -model, processes, standards, and to facilitate work. This requires the keepers of the company’s values and unique knowledge. So, the problem is about the relocation of a certain number of managers and specialists of the company.

Leasing Service is able to make this process not just a move, but a comfortable relocation. A soft immersion without stress, domestic problem and culture shock will allow employees to start working in new city in just a few days.

Documents and visa support

We know what documents a citizen of a particular country may need during the relocation to Ukraine, we know how to properly fill out and apply for a work visa. We advise and help to do everything so that the company and its employees save time and effort on studying bureaucratic requirements. With us, you will succeed – from the first.

Real estate

Our employees are aware of the realities of the real estate market in Ukraine. We know how to look for exactly the premises that an employee needs, what household nuances should be taken into account what an agreement with the owner should be and what is the market value of housing with certain requirements. Finding a property that meets your standards where you will be comfortable is quite possible.


Globalization changes the world and erases borders, but it does not cancel regional differences. We understand what domestic and customary challenges a foreigner may face, what may surprise him/her, shock or, conversely, to please him/her. We know what to attract the attention of a person from abroad, how to explain cross-cultural features, as well as have experience in debugging and simplifying everyday processes. «To warn means to arm».

Children’s education

In Ukraine, there are dozens of schools and kindergartens with international programs and standards that position themselves as «foreigner-oriented». But you can make a conscious decision only when you know what to look for and what questions to ask. Such background knowledge is the essence of intuition – and it is what the relocated persons are lacking. We have not only a database of such educational institutions, but also insider information. Considering your requirements, we will make a list of 3-5 schools or nurseries that really meet them – it remains to choose the one that you like.

Relocation process

Modern services allow you to buy tickets, take a taxi, rent a car, and the GPS navigator brings you to the correct address. However, these organizational issues are exhausting and take a lot of time even in their own country. In Ukraine, we will arrange to meet you at the airport, deliver you and your luggage, organize meals, rest and access to transport or medical care.

Transportation of your belongings

The longer a person stays in the country, the more important it is to surround himself with familiar things. Clothes, bedding, appliances, accessories, cookware, books, furniture, toys, other household items and memorabilia – one gets used to them, and they are part of the one. We will advise you what you will need immediately, what will become relevant later, what may be superfluous, and what is easier to buy here. We will arrange tidy packaging, filling the forms, safe transportation, unpacking and ordering your items, as well as help you buy what you lack.

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