Leasing Service is an expert in local labor marketing that has been implementing global recruitment standards in Ukraine for more than 20 years.

We know which specialists exist – which of them is capable of fulfilling the client’s work and what is the cost of each specialist.

We know how to find people who are needed to a particular business, conduct inspections, assessments and selection.

We act on the principle of «problem – solution» by integrating:

  • customer requirements;
  • candidates’ abilities;
  • true situation in the labor market.

Levels of vacancies we work with

Mass selection

By recruitment of people for such vacancies, the employer must process thousands of resumes and conduct hundreds of interviews. It invests a lot of effort, time and resources of skilled employees in finding staff who are not required to be highly qualified.

We have tools that allow us to find quickly the right employees in the right quantity, check their personal  and professional skills. Hence, we translate quantity into quality.

With specialized selection

Employers often look for staff with unique experiences, skills, knowledge. For example, they need not a designer or an accountant, but a person who possess an experience of specific programs or leads companies in a particular industry. Such a search requires specific knowledge that may not exist in the HR staff of the recruiter.

We have a team of professionals with and specialization in certain areas that carry out system search. Communicating with applicants, we study their qualifications and motivation and determining their suitability at the level of the company’s values and job challenges. The client receives a list of 3-5 excellent candidates who are able and want to work with the company – it remains only to appoint the best.

Executive search

Top professionals, as a rule, are not looking for a job but the job is the looking for them. The identification and the recruitment of such professionals and communicating with them is a delicate and complicated process each step of which requires an out of ordinary approach. To know the top manager, you should think as a top manager, which means you need to be him.

We have a pool of experts with managerial experience. We know how to conclude on a specific person or look for a unique specialist who can solve the challenges of the client. Empathy and experience allow us to build up communications and introduce the client so that the candidate wants to work with him. The result is that the client receives an industry leader, who receives the best opportunity for professional implementation.

Leasing Service knows how to find quickly a professional with whom the client will work for a long time.  We look after the rest.

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