Accrual of salary

Salary administration and document management

Outstaffing – a provision of a contractor’s specialists “on lease” to the client – has many advantages. Nevertheless a business appreciates the most an opportunity to replace issues related to personnel accounting, a paperwork and payroll administration on an outstaffer.

Leasing Service has been providing outstaffing services since 2004. Our staff includes professionals who have experience working with companies from different countries and forms of ownership. Our specialisation is to search for specialists (link) and outstaffing of staff (link), and the appropriate administration of all issues related to salaries, bonuses, compensations and rewards.

What we do


Leasing Service provides expert advice on transparent and clear systems of salaries and rewards, algorithms for calculating bonuses, fees, compensations, etc., based on the requirements and capabilities of the client / customer, and adapts existing salary projects of companies to current legislation of Ukraine. These solutions help not only to pay staff, but also to optimise taxes, social security contributions and other due payments.


We develop, implement and ensure the functioning of the salary and remuneration system agreed by the client / customer. We carry out timely accrual of salaries, bonuses, fees and compensations to employees and contractors, with providing documents executed in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine. We ensure timely and full payment of taxes and fees to the relevant funds.


We provide all documentation of personnel decisions and the corresponding document circulation concerning the personnel. We conduct internal and external audit of the salary and remuneration system. We prepare the system and documentation for independent audit and carry out its legal support in accordance with the current employment and tax law of Ukraine.

Why work with Leasing Service

Security for the company

Ukrainian employment and tax law is undergoing frequent and unpredictable changes. This requires from specialists who work with finances and documents, not only highly qualified, but also regular retraining. The management of these processes falls on the company, but if you abandon it there could be a risk of errors. Leasing Service specialists regularly improve their skills and carefully monitor the smallest changes in the current legislation of Ukraine, as we take responsibility for the correctness and timely preparation of customer reports in accordance with the contract.

Estimated costs

A specialist of high level and narrow specialisation is always expensive. Salary, taxes, holidays and sick leave, workplace, square meters of an office, equipment, special software, and training – all this creates a constant burden on the budget. However if the company does not make the appropriate investment, it couldl face unforeseen costs of fines and other tax sanctions, sooner or later. The cost of monthly administration under an agreement with the Leasing Service can at least be included in the budget in advance.

Independence from the “human factor”

Staff sometimes get sick, go on vacation, take days off – often at the very moment when they are the

most needed. This makes the company a hostage to accountants, HR specialists, etc. After entering into an agreement with the Leasing Service, the company switches to servicing by a whole lot of specialists who know the nuances of Ukrainian legislation and are able to replace each other. This means that the customer does not have to worry about a sudden visit of a tax officer or of another fiscal novelty.

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