Outsourcing representative offices

A business can utilize a lot of assets without being its owner. Equipment for leasing and renting premises are components of the process, which allows simplification, reduces the cost and optimizes the operation. Finally, it achieves your goals.

It may happen that a foreign company opens a representative office, invests funds, employs staff – and the generated profits turn out not to be worth the investment. It may be the other way around: the company refuses to expand the business for similar reasons – and for years it has been losing potential benefits.

That is why outsourcing of representation exists. 

This format allows you to enter the market (and withdraw the product) fast and legally without legally entering it. A foreign company can minimize initial investments, test business in real conditions and has the ability to quickly withdraw in case of any changes. At the same time, it absolutely legally works, without having to pay attention to everyday  routine, but concentrating on the essence of business. We care about the rest.

Outsourcing of representative office from Leasing Service is:

  • a comprehensive solution that provides a whole range of services, from taxation to team formation;
  • a flexible solution that provides exactly the combination of services that you need – and nothing superfluous;
  • a safe solution based on world practice, but adapted specifically to the legislation of Ukraine and the real “rules of the game”;
  • a transparent solution  that provides for financial reporting according to both the requirements of the client and the current legislation of Ukraine.

What is included in the services of “outsourcing of representative office”:

  • advising on choosing of the optimal format of staff relations with the customer’s personnel;
  • development of internal working documentation (job descriptions, internal labour regulations, and other regulations, etc.);
  • registration and maintenance of document flow;
  • search and leasing of individual specialists and ready-made teams;
  • preparation of employment agreements (contracts) for employees;
  • debugging of business processes and administration;
  • transparent, understandable and unmistakable tax accounting in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • accounting and reporting;
  • legal support.

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